Individual Object State of Text Boxes not possible?


I use a Text Box and have given it several object states.
Normal = A, State 2 = B, State 3 = C, …
Now, I would like to give the different states a different colour.
Yet, if I change the text colour or the background colour of one state the other states change as well.
With shapes this works fine. I can give each object state of a shape a different colour, etc.
How can this be done with text boxes?


ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2

OS: Win 10

I found a possible workaround. I can use shapes and put a letter into each one. These shapes and the letter within can then be formatted individually.
Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know, if object states of text boxes can be formatted alike.


The object states of shapes work the same way as those of text boxes.
If you add new object states, then:

  • change the color of normal state > other custom states change color too.

  • change the color of custom state > what you do for the normal state afterward won’t affect the custom state.

In your case, could you please clarify more about the text and background color of the text box? Or send us a sample project of what you want to do?



thank you very much for your immediate answer and the solution!
If I change the custom states at first, everything works perfect!


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