Improving video audio

I have a video clip with a noisy waterfall in the background. This makes it more difficult to hear the person speaking. In the timeline, there are noise reduction buttons, but they are greyed out.
Looking in the user manual (P177) it says:

To apply audio noise reduction, do the following:
Step 1. Get a noise profile.

  1. Specify the range that contains only background noise.
  2. In the Timeline pane, click the arrow next to the Audio Noise Reduction button > Get
    Noise Profile.

I don’t understand these instructions. What is the noise profile? I selected the video in the timeline but it did not activate the noise reduction button. Also, I can’t see the arrow referred to in 2. above.
Kind regards

Hi Geoff,

The Audio Noise Reduction feature is only available for Audio. That’s why it’s greyed out when you select the Video object. If you want to reduce the noise in your video, you can detach audio from the video and apply this feature to the Audio object.
Please refer to this video to know how to separate audio from video in ActivePresenter:

Here is how to remove noise from audio with ActivePresenter: