Importare un progetto con dei sottotitoli su un'altro progetto con sottotitoli

Ciao Hang, volevo chiederti se fosse possibile importare un progetto dentro un altro progetto mantenendo i rispettivi sottotitoli in sink.

Grazie mille

Hi Fabio,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean correctly. But if you want to integrate two projects in ActivePresenter, copying/pasting slides from one to another project is the simplest solution I can suggest to you.

Correct me if that’s not what you want.


H Hang,
I have used tyhe same idea with a different approach. My suggestion I would be this…

In case the projects are been hosted online in places like google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc, You could host them on the cloud, get a link for the Main Html file, and link from a button at the end of the first presentation to the other online presentation… But the linked presentation must be on the cloud…
Please see the idea in the picture.

Ciao Hang,

provo a spiegarmi meglio, quando ho un progetto lungo, esempio della durata di 2 ore sullo stesso scorm, di solito lo divido in 4 moduli, una volta terminati i moduli li accorpo in un progetto unico, copiando e incollando le viarie diapositive, ma i sottotitoli si perdono, ovvero mi compaiono i vari CC ma sono vuoti, senza testo.

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for your information.

Could please you confirm, regarding to the issue you’re encountering, whether you copy the slides from ActivePresenter version 8 and then paste them into version 9 or not?
If not, kindly send us your project along with its external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) so we may further check. You can send them to In case the files are large, please upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and share with us the download link (with access permision).
The video tutorial below will guide you more about the steps.
How to Send Projects with External Data Folders - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube


Hi Hang,

I solved the problem of copying slides with subtitles from an ActivePresenter 9.0.7 project to another ActivePresenter 9.0.7 project by inserting (az@cyrillic) at the end of the subtitles file name.

A thousand thanks

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