Import PowerPoint not Working

Problem: When I click on new project, the import PowerPoint option does not show up.

ActivePresenter Version: 6



Unfortunately, Importing/Exporting PowerPoint is not available on ActivePresenter for macOS version yet.
Please try with the Windows version.

Best Regards,

Hi. I have just purchased ActivePresenter for macOS. I tried to import but all my .pptx files are grayed out. Does this mean that the mporting/exporting PowerPoint available yet? It will be a bummer if it doesn’t because there is no feature comparison list for Windows and macOS available.

Hi Susan,

PowerPoint-related features (Importing/Exporting) are only available on the Windows version.
Those are listed on our features comparison table at:

The comparision table is also linked from the Pricing page right below the Buy button.
Please note that when you purchase ActivePresenter you can use it either on Windows or macOS.

That said, we’re sorry for the confusion.

Thanks. I will download the Windows version.