I'm not sure if I should use Saloa Animate or Active Presenter for my project


I started my project with Active Presenter, but I run into some technical problems, especially with animations.

On the other hand, I don’t know Saloa Animate at all and I’m afraid I’ll have to spend time learning a new software for nothing if it doesn’t meet my specifications.

Until now, I was very satisfied with Active Presenter, and so were my clients. The new project I am working on is not an e-learning module, but a simple website.

Rather than making a long speech, I will share my specifications with you and you will tell me if you think Active Presenter or Saloa Animate is the right software for me.

  • the site must be able to be in full screen and must be responsive.
  • the site will have a complex navigation system: 1 first level of simple tree structure, with text, which leads to the appearance of a large window within which the second level of tree structure is located. This large window will display text which itself, through rollover effects, will display text (clickable) and images (clickable)
  • the site will propose complex layouts, higher than the browser window, and which will require the use of a scroll bar.
  • the site will integrate numerous audio and video files
  • Ideally, the interaction animations should be as fluid as what we have for example with Elementor with Wordpress, or at best, more fluid than those we have with Active Presenter (which, I know from experience, sometimes cause lags)
  • Ideally, is it possible to add a contact form?

What do you think about it ?

Saola Animate version: 3.1.3 Demo Mode

OS: MacOS Catalina 10.15.7


I used Saola Animate. It was one of the first things I built and now I know a lot more is possible.

FYI - All the teaching resources are also built with Saola. It’s a very versatile application.

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Wow ! Nice job ! :call_me_hand:
It seems that Saloa allows a lot of things indeed.

Hi Gilles,

With all the specifications you mention, if you do not know HTML or JavaScript, you should still stick with ActivePresenter for content creation.
Here are some further details for your specifications:

  • Both ActivePresenter (AP) and Saola Animate (SA) support responsive layout, but SA does not support flex box.
  • A complex navigation system can be achieved in both AP and SA.
  • With complex layouts, SA has an advantage over AP as SA support viewing in canvas more realistically.
  • With audio and video files’ integration, basically, both AP and SA support it. If you need the synchronization with other objects, AP is a better choice.
  • Regarding the interaction animations, AP currently does not support animation from one state to another state so you might feel the animations are not as fluid as you work with Elementor. Later on, if you encounter any lag situation while working with AP, kindly send us the project with more description so we can check for you.
  • To add a contact form, you can easily do that in AP by using text entry object. With SA, you need to know HTML.

I hope that the information clarifies. I will follow back soon on the thread about bouncing effect.

Quynh Anh

Thank you very much for your very clear explanations.
So I will stay with Active Presenter.
Thanks again.

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