Icons Sizing and Positioning

How can I type in the size in Pixels for an Icon? Dragging it changes the size, but if I want exactly 50x50 pix, where to I type this in? I can’t see this in properties.
For example, if I insert another different icon, and I want to make sure both are the the same size? Also, are there gridlines on the slide so I can position and align things to grid?

ALSO: How can I Flip an object or Icon 90 degrees vertically or Horizontally?
For example, there is no Left Arrow Icon. I can insert a Right Arrow, then I should be able to flip it horizontally so it becomes a Left arrow.

Hi Joseph,

Please let me clarify your concern.

To change the size of Icon, Shape or any object, first, select the icon > Properties pane > Size & Properties > Transform > adjust values of Width and Height by entering values in those spin boxes.
To rotate the object, along with dragging the rotation handle of the object, you can enter a value
in the Rotation spin box.

ActivePresenter currently allows users to flip the image only.
To do that, right-click the image > Edit Image… > choose a flip command in Tools.
We will add the Flip feature for objects in the upcoming version.

Additionally, if you want to make sure your icons are in the same size, please select all the objects/ icons > Format tab > Align > Make Same Size.
Make same size

Finally, gridline feature is unfortunately not supported in the current version, but it will be added in the next version.

Hope the information helps.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Thank You, it helps.

I tried on the arrow icon, and I can use the Rotation in the Transform section to turn the icon -180n degrees. All good.

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