Icons in Timeline Bar are Garyed Out

I just installed this program on my computer, and many of the options/icons in the Timeline Bar are grayed out and will not work. They are all active when I first open the program; but when I insert my video to edit it, many of the buttons “gray” out. Does anyone know why?

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.1 64-bit

OS: Windows 10


Hi Sobelle,

You need to select a range to enable editing icons or buttons.
Firstly, select a video/audio and define a range using the Playhead (2), the start marker (1) and end marker (3). The selected range is highlighted in light blue:

For more information, please take a look at this article:


I’m trying to make simple trims to the beginning and end of a video I dropped in a presentation. The icons are greyed out as the previous contributor said.

Hi Robinhood,

You haven’t selected a range so the buttons are greyed out.
You should define a range as guided in my previous answer.