I want to turn still slides into cohesive presentation

Problem: I have an extensive presentation/course I created on PP. (still slides) I just completed the voiceovers and want to connect them so they play sequentially with the audio like one continuous timed presentation. I was practicing the merge slide feature with a few slides, and they merged into one, but when I hit play or review, I bar moved across the timeline but only saw one image. That’s an issue, more than likely my fault. Please advise.
Also, I want to add video throughout the editing process. I chose this route because I did not feel confident or comfortable with the awkwardness of the record screen feature. And I need to move toward completion. Can this be done without me losing my mind, or will I have to do everything again using the record screen feature.? I am biting my nails.
I imagine the other editing software works the same way for the most part, correct?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Catalina 10.15.7


Hi Tony,

Could you please share the project having the issue and its external data folder (if any) named in the PROJECT_FILE_files to support@atomisystems.com so that we can better investigate?
How to Send Projects with External Data Folders - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send email with download link to us at support@atomisystems.com

Regarding your request, you can add more screen recordings right in the workspace during your editing process by going to the Home tab > Record Screen > Record Screen as Video.
The recorded video will be added below the slide that you are working at.
You can edit this video separately, then merge it later to other slides to make it a cohesive video.

Or, if you are talking at inserting a recorded video in the middle of your editing slide, you can split the slide first,
then add screen recording as above, edit it, and merge the 3 slides together.

Hope the information helps and look forward to your project.


Hi @Biggierat,

I have checked the project you sent and this happens as you choose Image Fill in Background Fill
Instead, you should choose the image in Background Image, so when you merge slides, all images will appear following the timeline duration.

Also, I see that there are some images inserted in your project that are at big sizes.
You should reduce their sizes as the others to avoid the lagging or slow editing experience.

After this issue is solved, I believe you will find splitting and merging slides features more helpful when editing your project.


Quynh, Thank you for your reply. I understand the first part of your message, but I am lost on the second part. Where do I find this chart you are showing, and how do I resize the image? How would I know I have set it to the correct size for the rest of the images? And would I have to resize them again once I export the project?

I have searched in the AP manual, but I do not understand this truthfully.

Hi Tony,

Regarding the second part, you can find the Resources pane by clicking the View tab > Resources to make the Resources pane appear at the bottom right corner of the editing space.
Then, click Change View, choose Details to see the full image sizes and formats to know which ones are larger/ much different from the others.

We have guided you once via our thread here about how to reduce the image size, so kindly check the video my coworker sent you there:

About how to set the correct size for the images, in fact, there is no correct rule for it. This is just our suggestion to optimize your project without accounting for a large amount of data room of the project files.
Therefore, just compare the sizes of the images to define around which size is the most suitable, with the condition that the image sizes do not exceed the slide size.
And, you do not have to resize the images again once having exported the project.

You can refer our article here for more information about how to optimize your project to achieve better productivity:

Have a nice week ahead!
Quynh Anh