I have to click every text box twice

Problem: During an interactive simulation, I have to click every text box twice

ActivePresenter Version: 7.20

OS: Win 7/10

Notes: I will record an interactive simulation, and when going back through the simulation I notice that I have to click every text box twice. One slide will instruct me to click the box as I might expect, but then on the next slide when it asks me to enter specific text, I notice I have to click the box again to put the focus back on the text box.

When going through the simulation of course, I am only clicking the text box once. The software records that I am clicking the box, but then it seems to “lose focus” and I have to click it again to be allowed to type into the box.

Of course the users are balking at the fact that they have to click twice. Would someone steer me in the right direction? I do not see anything in the slide options that looks like it would fix this.

Hi Conine,

When going through the simulation, the first click is actually a click on the Mouse Click object which covers the text box image in the background. That click executes the On Correct actions of the Mouse Click object, which jumps to the next slide contains the text box. The text box is not focused automatically so you must click on it (it’s the 2nd click as you mentioned).

Anyway, we’ll try to improve it to focus the text box automatically in future releases.
In the meantime, you can add a Execute JavaScript action to On Load event of every slide which contains the text box to focus on the text box. The code looks like the following (please replace textBoxName by the name of the text box):


Thanks for the response. It looks like the text box defaults to the same name every time, so we can easily use this workaround to paste this code into our slides. Tested and works.

If all the text boxes has the same name, you can add the script to On Load event of the master slide (View > Slide Master) once, so all slides will inherit this event-action. Because some slides may not have any text box, we need to modify the script a bit to check that:

var textbox = prez.object('textBoxName');
if (textbox && textbox.textNode)