Hyperlinks not working when exporting to Video in ActivePresenter

When building my presentation, I am adding hyperlinks via Home → Insert Hyperlink and it seems to accept the url (text turns blue). When I preview in HTML5 the links are working correctly. But when I export to a Video (MP4) the hyperlinks no longer work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thank you


If you want to click a link or interact with your video, you have to export it to HTML5 in ActivePresenter.
The interactivity is not supported in the video format (MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBM, WMV) due to its nature, Tony.

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Thank you Thuy. How would you recommend accomplishing the same thing a different way? I know on YouTube you have the option of overlaying a banner that the viewer can click to view a different video. For example, you are watch video #1 and at the end of that video you can click a banner to watch video #2. Any options with activepresenter?

Hi Tony,

You can achieve that in case you export your project to HTML5, then, show it to others by opening the HTML5 output.
Otherwise, if you export your project to video and publish it on YouTube, you can add cards or end screen videos to navigate to different videos after a click.

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