HTML5 simulation breaks video resolution

Problem: When creating a screen capture project to give a tutorial about an internal application, the HTML5 simulation breaks the video resolution:

  • When exporting to video (avi), the complete screen capture is visible all time
  • When exporting to HTML5, from times to times the video feed seems to “jump” and refocus a bit, and as a result the complete captured screen is not visible anymore (the borders left and right dissappear)

Anyone any idea how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.3

OS: Windows 10

Can you make a short sample project which has the issue and email us at
It is quite hard to truly understand what the issue is with the description.



Thank you for the quick response!
I have send an email with the project to the support email address.


Just a note that this has been fixed in ActivePresenter 6.1.4