HTML5/Scorm in LMS

Problem: When I upload the HTML5/Scorm to my LMS it begins at the last page. How do I set this as a default to begin at the start?

ActivePresenter Version:




A SCORM package created by ActivePresenter will save and restore the leaner progress.
If the lesson is not completed yet, it will be restored to that progress when the leaner resumes the lesson.
If the lesson is already completed, it will start from the beginning.
Please make sure your lesson doesn’t pause at the last slide so it can be completed:

  • Last slide Auto Advance in Properties > Slide Properties tab > General section should be checked.
  • All interactive objects in the last slide should have “Pause presentation to wait for user input” option (In Properties > Interactivity tab) unchecked

If the issue also occurs when you visit the lesson for the first time, please share your project so that we can check.