HTML5 Random Slide reset

Hello, im creating course for my major. And i have a problem. I created button with js location.relead(); to generate new questions from slide pool. In preview it works. But when exported to HTML5, pressing that button pops up resume presentation feedback and pressing restart on it, the random slide questions stay the same… How do i fix it?

Hi Paulius,

HTML5 output (without SCORM, xAPI) will save the viewer session data in the browser local storage.
To regenerate new questions from the slide pool when reloading the presentation, you can add the following script to the project On Load event (ActivePresenter menu > Project > Properties > Interactivity tab) to clear the brower local storage:

if (!prez.originalDestroy) {
    prez.originalDestroy = prez.destroy;
    prez.destroy = function() {


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It worked! Thanks a lot!!! :innocent:

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