HTML5 output performance

Hello, I am a new user of ActivePresenter (v. 7.1). I have created a 300-slide eLearning course with audio, video, and images (PNG and JPG) and am finding the HTML5 output so sluggish that it is unusable (in demo and tutorial modes pages load very slowly and sputter along). I have shrunk the project to remove unused resources (i.e., the project is now ~250MB), but the performance is not good when run in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome on a 150MBPS internet connection both locally and remotely. I hope the problem is that I am simply not following best practices for optimizing, but given the deadline I am facing with this project, I may simply have to recreate the course in Captivate. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi Scott,

Can you please share your project file (projectFileName.approj) along with its resource folder if any (projectFileName_files) so that we can check? You can upload them to a cloud storage service like Google Drive and share the access right with


Hi Scott,

We have checked and seen that the cause of problem is there are too many slides which use customized theme colors instead of default theme colors. It seems that these colors are not actually used to control the appearance of content since almost texts are in black. To overcome this issue, please try following:

  • In the Design tab, expand the Theme gallery.
  • Right click the Blank theme and select Apply To All Slides.

If you need to apply different colors for slides, please create new themes and apply those themes for slides accordingly. This ensures the HTML5 content work smoothly when the projects have lots of slides.

By the way, to help us improve the program, can you please tell how did you create this project? Did you import it from a PowerPoint presentation?


Hi again,

We are sorry for our mistake. We have checked the project again. It is actually a bug when there are more than one theme and many slides in a project. However, using the Blank theme as above will resolve the problem. We will fix the issue in the next update (which will be available in this week).



First, thank you very much for identifying the problem so quickly! After I changed the slide layout to blank as you directed me to do, all is well: the performance issues are resolved. Second, I created the content in ActivePresenter 7 (i.e., did not import from PowerPoint). Third, thanks for the great product and your team’s commitment to continuous improvement. It definitely sets you apart.