HTML5 output not correct in fullscreen mode

I want to export a training video in HTML5 output and upload it on my website.
Now, when the lesson is played in normal mode in a Browser (any browser like Chrome, IE, …), everything plays correctly. But when the lesson is played in FULLSCREEN in the browser, the arrow (shape) is always behind the video (even when I’ve put the shape “in front” and the video “send to back”.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.9

OS: Windows 10


Hi Lapp,

In order to solve your problem, we need to check your project.
Could you please share with us the AP project file (.approj) and its external data folder (if any) at so that we can check?
The data folder has the name in the form projectFileName_files. It’s located in the same folder with the project file.
If the file size is large, you can upload it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive.

Best regards,