HTML5 export poor image quality

Problem: Poor image quality of the captured slides
ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2


Notes: Hi, when I export the captured slides in html5 format, the quality of the slides is very poor. To record/capture the screens, I use the custom fonction to delimit my screen and usually I do not modifie the size of the slides before exporting. I changend recently from the free version to the Pro edition and it seems to me that the quality of the exports in the free version was lightly better. Thank you for checking this out.


That is weird. Normally, the slide images are saved in PNG format which is 100% quality-preserved. Please note that some browsers display scaled images with low quality which can lead to this problem. You can also share the output so we can check.


Uploading: Nieuwe aanvraag.approj…]()
You will find an example in attachment.
Is there a solution to prevent that the browser scales the images?
Or is there another problem?
Thank you for your return.
Kind regards

Hi. It seems that you forgot to attach files.

problems with the upload-fonction…three times I try tu upload, it works (100%) but I don’t see the file.

I send the file with wetransfer so you can check it.
But also check out the upload function of these messages (or tell me what I do wrong).

We are sorry for the uploading issue. It seems that our server could not handle large files properly.

We have checked project and seen that you have captured with 1912x1017 then rescaled to 1920x1080 which contributes to low quality issue. This normally happens when capturing additional slides into an existing project without noticing the different size warning.

Regarding browser scaling, there is no way to overcome it, unfortunately.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.