HTML widget loading glitch

When I load an HTML widget that is (either less than the full width or even full width), the right scroll bar does a jerk to the left before coming back to the right. I have kept the Scene overlow hidden so there is no interference. But just to be sure I have checked this with all 4 Overflow settings and it still occurs.


HTML widget loading - scroll bar jerk.saolapack (106.4 KB)

Is there any way to avoid this?

Thank you.

Hi Shawn,

We can’t reproduce this issue in our tests on all major browsers.
If the issue still persists on your side, you can try setting the HTML widget coordinate to top-right instead of top-left:



You’re right. This issue is only on Chrome. But it does not get fixed with top right coordinate.

I tried this on other sites in Chrome, but did not find the issue.

I did find that if you change the width to pixels and not percent, the issue goes away … as if browser is figuring out the width in percent …?

It works fine for us even on Chrome, so no idea unfortunately.