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HTML preview of single slide only

I have a fairly large project and when I wish to preview in HTML5, it takes quite some time to render before showing the preview. This is very tedious, as I am wanting to check interaction behaviour on slides as I am creating them.
Is there any way to only preview a single slide?

Hi Peter,

The current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t support this feature yet.
We’ll try to implement it in the future.

Meanwhile, you can use the Show in Mode feature to show or hide any slide you want when previewing in a certain mode.
For more details, please refer to this video:


Hi Tuyen,

Thanks for the fast response. Appreciate it!

Yes, would be great to have this feature ASAP, as it is really tedious if you want to get your interactions refined as you create slides. I am a relative newbie to development using this platform, but am surprised it was not implemented already, as I am sure others would have similar issues :blush:

Whilst I am talking to you, another couple of enhancements that would make development quicker:

a) Right click on object to add URL. I know you can create this by adding a mouse click area to trigger URL, but it would be neater to have in effect a macro to do this!
b) Objects paste in as individual objects when you copy and paste multiple objects at same time from say a powerpoint slide. I am sure it is easy enough to recognise the individual objects on the clipboard so they can be pasted into ActivePresenter as individual objects. At the moment they come in as a single combined object. It is tedious when you want to bring across a number of images, for example
c) Right click on object to select creation of a pop-up call-out – another convenience function :blush:


Hi Peter,

Regarding your three suggestions, please find my answers below:

a) There are several other common commands from right-click context menu. So I think they should be more preferable. Besides, to add an URL, you can add events-actions to any object type, not only the Mouse Click object. Or add an URL for text-based objects through the Insert Hyperlink feature.
You can refer to this video for more information:

b) If you need individual objects from PowerPoint, you can import that PowerPoint file into ActivePresenter instead of copying and pasting.

c) Pop-up call-out (Message) can be found and easily added from the Questions tab.