HTML Links don't work when I resize my responsive project

Hi everyone,
I’ve created a fairly simple HTML5 responsive website with just four scenes/pages (I’m new to Saola Animate). On the first (default) page, I created four Divs with text to serve as buttons for each of the scenes. I then used the Event Handlers to make the button Jump to the appropriate scene. Saved my changes, then repeated for the other three buttons. I ensured that as I stepped through all the breakpoints, that the Event Handlers still referenced the correct scene.

When I publish the project to HTML5, the buttons function correctly at the Base Layout, and even perhaps at the first breakpoint, but after that, the buttons don’t seem to work!

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?



Hi Richard,

Please check if there’s any element covers your buttons in each layout. If yes, your buttons will not work even though the cover element is transparent.

Event handlers are the same for all layouts, so you don’t need to check them for each layout.