How to use Feedback Master

Hi. I am trying to customise incorrect answers using Feedback Master for multiple choice type question. (1 correct and 3 incorrect)

I have 3 different feedback for the incorrect answer choices created in the Feedback Master for slides --> Setting On Click - Hide Feedback Layer - Try Again Feedback

The events for the question’s On Incorrect seems to have the option for only 1 Try Again Feedback action if the user gets the wrong answer. How do I display the corresponding incorrect answer slide from Feedback Master? Example, in this case, I would like B, C, and D as the wrong answers and the user will receive a corresponding feedback when they click to Submit B, C or D.

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Hi Susan,

You can set the Condition for each action, in this case, it should look like the below screenshot:

Please see the Adding Conditions to Actions section at this tutorial for details:


Thanks for the quick response. It is working as I would like now!