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How to trigger Play Button in Toolbar

Hey there,

I was just wondering weather it would be possible to trigger the Play/Pause-button in the toolbar via a system variable. I tried it via apPause and apResume but it unfortunately is not working.
Background: When playing a video the user can pause it by clicking onto the video OR by clicking onto the toolbar pause button.
The problem: When clicking on the toolbar and resuming via clicking onto the video the presentation is not resumed additionally. What happens here is that the video ends and the presentation is paused and the user is not able to interact.

I know this works for the apMute system variable which mutes or unmutes the whole presentation and can be triggered via buttons.

Kind regards

Hi Sarah,

For your information, apPause and apResume variables only control the main timeline (including media Autoplay).
If users already click the pause button on the toolbar but are still able to click to play the media, this is the bug we will fix soon.

Furthermore, Pause on the toolbar is to pause the presentation, not the video only.
When you click the Pause button on the player toolbar, all animations are paused and learners can’t interact with the content of the slide, either.

You can use JavaScript: prez.pauseAll(true) to pause all like clicking the button in the toolbar to see how it works.
However, after pausing, you need to click the button on the toolbar to play again.

Hope this clarifies.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Hey Quynh Anh,

thank you very much for you assistance. Just one further question:

prez.pauseAll(false) would be the JavaScript to resume the presentation?

Kind regards

Hi again Sarah,

Please let me clarify again.
The prez.pauseAll(false) JavaScript is used to resume the presentation; however, it can not be called from anywhere since the whole presentation was paused before.
There is only one way is to click the Play button on the toolbar to make the presentation resume.

Best regards,
Quynh Anh