How to send report?

Hi guys, sorry for my english.

I’m making a app tutorial on AP7. I did around 10 slides of interactive learning. On the end of the tutorial, the student need answer 2 questions. One question multiple options, and another true/false. I make the question using the common interface, with the SEND button.
when the student finishes the tutorial answering the questions, no report is sent. I configured the html5 report tab to send a XML report to a http://localpage/test.php but this page don’t load.
What do I need to do to make the report work? Am I forgetting to include something?


The report will be sent automatically at the end of the course. Therefore, you don’t need to put the SEND button unless you put End Presentation action for this button. I guess your course still not ended after student answering the questions.

Could you provide the error screenshot and a small sample which include the error so we can check?