how to restore videos that have been saved but cannot open

my problem: I have recorded a video and want to save the video but before saving it suddenly there was a slight disturbance on my laptop and finally it came out of the active presenter myself, when I checked the file was there but when I wanted to open the video it couldn’t be how to get the video back

ActivePresenter version: v8.2.0

OS: windows 10

Notes: can you answer quickly I need you


Could you please take a look at the cached folder (C:\Users\Username\Documents\ActivePresenter.ActivePresenterCachedProjects) to see if there are any audio/ video files?

Please kindly be noted that “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” is a hidden folder so you might need to turn “Show Hidden Files” option on to see it.

If there are video files here, you can copy them to another folder and open with ActivePresenter for editing.