How to replace a shape quickly while retaining old Events?

Hello everybody!

I dont know if there is a way to replace shapes while retaining the old events. When you decide to exchange a shape, e.g. because of a new styleguide, it would be very comfortable to assign the events, that are linked to the old shape, to the new one. Doing it manually can be quite time-consuming, if there are several events defined. I also enclosed a figure for better understanding:

Maybe there is a better workflow for this issue.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.5

OS: Win10



  • To change style: just right-click a shape and select Apply To All Shapes > Style
  • To change the form: you have to do for each shape manually by selecting Format > Change Shape.


Thanks again phuongdv,

the second approach is perfect for my idea. Furthermore it is also possible to change all shapes of a slide at once by selecting them (CTRL+Click) and perform Format > Change Shape afterwards.