How to repeat symbol animation

I created symbol like car wheel. In edit symbol mode is created animation rotating 360° by 2 sec.
But in mail timeline is symbol playback also only 2sec.
I need to repeat animation (playback) of symbol by main timeline duration.

In tutorial is created wheel animation of 1,5sec ( ), but if she go to main document, there is playback duration of symbol set to 15sec ( )

This is not working for me. So how to create 2sec animation of symbol edit mode, which is on main timeline repeated automaticaly by main timeline duration… or what I am doing wrong?

Saola Animate version: 2.5
OS: Windows 10

There are several ways to do this, two of which are:

  1. In the symbol timeline, set the animation to the length you require - say 15 seconds and adjust the angle accordingly - for example 180° * 15s = 2700° degrees.

  2. You can create your 2 second animation and at the end use a timeline event handler to send the timeline back to the start, creating a loop.