How to "pull" results through to a report slide

Hi All

I have created an assessment test for the first time (10 multi choice questions).

I have set events on each response to show feedback layer and the correct/incorrect response, this works correctly.

In preview I answer all ten questions correctly and the report slide shows fail (I published to test mode and set the pass condition to Percents of correct answers to not less than 80). How do I pull the information through to the report slide?

Many thanks

Additional information:

My test package contains 14 slides.

Slide 1 is title
Slide 2 is instructions
Slide 3-12 are questions one to ten
Slide 13 is the report slide
Slide 14 is our contact information

Hi Belinda,

Please take a look at page 240 in User Manual (Additional Reporting section) for details. You may also want to take a look at this


Hi Belinda,

I am sorry for misunderstanding. Can you please share the project so we can check?