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How to loop background music when using On Load

Hello, I have a unique problem where i am unable to follow the instruction from the guide to loop background music. My project uses the onload slide to play audio. This audio persist across multiple slides (which is good). But when the music ends, I have no way of looping the music again.

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.2 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.09.10)

OS: Window 10 Pro



To loop background music, you can use the Loop option in the Properties pane as in the following video:


As mentioned, this step doesn’t work because I am loading the music through the interactivity option.


There is no way to loop audio loaded from the OnLoad for the slide. I also can not stop an audio from playing either. Any other tip?

To loop background music by executing JavaScript in the On Load event of the slide is more complicated. If you prefer this way, please take a look at the sample project below for more information.
MultiSlides (1).approj (444 KB)

Besides, could you please tell me the reason why you don’t use the Loop option in the Properties pane? As in your image, you can add audio to slide 2 > right-click it and select Play over Multiple Slides > right-click and select Play to the End of Project > in the Properties pane, tick the Loop option.


Thank Hang for your reply. The reason why i was using the Javascript On Load was because my project didn’t have a timeline so to play over multiple slide with a timeline of 0sec didn’t allow it to play. I think i was able to make use of your instructions.

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