How to Import image sequence (.png) or (.jpg)

Hello! is it possible to import into the Active timeline a sequence of images in .png format (transparent, for example) or .jpg sequence? Thank you in advance!


Yes, you can absolutely insert a sequence of images (in .png or .jpg format) into ActivePresenter. To do so, in the Insert tab > Image > select images from your computer to import.

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Hello Hang. Yes! For sure! but the animation sequence is lost, since each image is on separate layers, one below the others.


I can’t see the attached image but I think the problem is the position of Playhead when you insert images, which I forgot to mention. Before inserting images, please place the Playhead at the position where you want to add. This will keep all the image effects (entrance and exit). And the images will be added on separate layers.
If you want them to be on one layer, simply drag the image time bar in the Timeline pane up or down like this:
drag image
Then, you can freely add animation effects to these images by selecting the images > Animations tab > Entrance/ Exit Effects.


Thank you very much, Hang! I will try this. :grinning:

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Hey Hang!

it worked, but when it comes to multiple images it gets complicated. I can import it as a gif without problems, but Active doesn’t show it on the frame-by-frame timeline … and I would need to have control over the sequence.

Hi Alexandre,

ActivePresenter doesn’t have frame-by-frame timeline but you still have control over objects. You can put them in a group:

Or animate them with effects provided in the app as normal:

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