How to easily correct parts of a video in ActivePresenter

I have started to use ActivePresenter for recording screencasts of my lectures and have the following question:

How can I correct parts of my video after recording if I am, e.g., not satisfied with my explanations?

I have gone through the tutorials and information on the web site, but could not find a good solution.

My first idea was: Record a second (short) video with only the corrected explanations. Then go to the first video and delete the faulty part, afterwards copying and pasting the corrected part to video 1 at the position where I have just deleted the faulty part.

But: This does not work, since “pasting” does not insert a video at the given position, but rather creates two new streams (audio and video) in parallel to the existing ones! I simply want to replace one video/audio piece by another one.

Could you possibly help me out? What is an easy solution to my problem? The only idea I had is: create some “blank” time in the original video 1 which is exactly as long as the new video part, then paste the new video part 2 to the right position in video 1. But I am sure there is a better way, right?

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.3.

OS: Windows 10.

Hi Rainer,

Based on your idea to create some “blank” time, I suggest that you should follow the below steps to edit your recorded videos:

1, Record a new video (to replace the dissatisfied part of the current video).

2, Delete the dissatisfied part in the current video as you normally do.

3, At the point that you delete, click on the Split Audio/ Video Objects button to split the video into two parts, and drag them to leave “blank” time as in the below image:


4, Select old parts and new part in the Timeline, then, click on the Join Audio/ Video Objects button to join these parts into one video:


Should you have any questions, kindly let me know.