How To disable Webcam when screen record

I installed Creative you cam and Droid cam in my PC, But no webcam or mobile phone not connected.

So video record starts, Blank webcam screen showing how we can disable webcam ?


You can find more information about using webcam through this article:

In addition, can you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can check.
To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I mean , I want to disable webcam recording…


You can disable webcam recording as follows: In the Record Video Project dialog> click the Webcam button(1) to turn it off.

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OMG. Just a simple click. Stupid me.
Thank you.

I am stupid foolish too wkwkw

Don’t hesitate to let us know whenever you need assistance :slight_smile: