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How to create a motion path

Problem: How do I create a path which will follow specific objects in an included video ?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.3

OS: Windows 8.1

I am creating a demo video of an android application.
The video has been recorded on the tablet and I am now annotating the video to demonstrate a particular functionality.
During the video, certain controls are dragged onscreen and I want to overlay a “finger” image to follow the dragged control.
How can I achieve this since also the dragging is obviously not linear ?

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You can use a cursor path to achieve that. For more information, please take a look at


I have tried this, but, since the cursor path is created manually, I have not been able to track accurately the movement onscreen.
Do you have any advice as to how to do this, please ?

Best regards

Basically, you need to insert multiple cursors in the cursor path to create small linear segments. Then use Timeline to adjust the timing values of cursor and update the position of cursor in Canvas following the position of the button.

I would like to join this conversation with a follow-up question related to the OP’s.

This is a cursor path question. I have read the tutorial referenced by phuongdv and found it helpful, but have a related question regarding cursor speed.

My understanding from the tutorial is to adjust cursor playback speed, we +/- the distance between dots.

While the default distance is very good, the ability to quickly and uniformly increase or decrease dot distance would be helpful. By this, i mean in a non-tedious manner, which is the crux of my request.

Is there an ease-in/out function for AP cursor path dots? Such a function would be much faster, more precise, and afford users a standardized way to adjust speed, instead of manually tweaking dot space along a cursor path. For each slide.

I understand the dev’s reluctance to overlap with SA, but i think you would agree if the function were limited to cursor speed, such a feature would increase AP user satisfaction, which tend to make more likely SA customers.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Deanshultz,

This feature has not been supported yet.
We will consider adding it to our Todo list if there are more requests from users.