How to count the clicks on an abject

When the student click(using an interactive board and click with a finger) on a cannon for the first time, the cards"bird" and “car” will show, and the second student click on the cannon for the second time, the other two cards “bed” and “cup” will show.
Can the ActivePresenter count the number of clicks and then runs the timeline according to the number? Or how could we make this come true?

cannon.approj (640 KB)

Hi Wang!
Hope my way can held your problem.
You create a variable (ex: apCount) → create On Click event and Adjust Variable action for the Cannon character → In Adjust Variable action, set values (Variable: apCount, Operator: Add, Value: 1) → In Canvas, insert a Text Caption character (Edit text: %apCount%).
This shows as the image below.

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