How to control auto advance in Practice Mode

Problem:How to auto advance slides in Practice mode

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: 10

Hi Can anyone tell me how to auto advance slides in Practice mode. I have created an e learning package which contains a demo section and a Try It Yourself section. I have copied the demonstration series of series of slides and pasted them in for the Try It Yourself. When I run in Practice mode the slides in the demo will not auto advance. Is there a way of controlling this so the slides in the Demo work as if created in Demonstration mode (auto advance) and the slides in the Try It Yourself work in Practice mode (advance when clicked)?



Hi Paul,

Please delete all interactions (Mouse Click, Key Stroke, Text Box…) in Demo slides, and make sure Auto Advance property is checked for these slides (this property is checked by default).


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Hi Toan Le

Thanks you for your help

If I delete all the interaction in the demo slides, will this not remove the cursor images in the demo slides as well - I need those there to demo the process?

thanks again


Brilliant - thank you so much :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

It just deletes selected objects. If you don’t select cursor paths, they will not be deleted.
You can read this tutorial to see how to delete objects from multiple slides:

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