How to change current play mode by clicking on a button?

Hello, i would like to swicth between play mode , when i click on a button for example.
I’ve searching deep in the manual, testing some javascript calls, but without success…

ActivePresenter Version:

Windows 10


Hi Guillaume,

ActivePresenter doesn’t allow switching play mode when the presentation is running. But you can create the content as if it can switch play mode, e.g. in this demo

By the way, can you please let us know the use cases in which you want to do that so that we can improve ActivePresenter?


Here’s a way I would use ii.
I created my project for guided tutorial mode, but then realized I want a self-paced Practice mode as well. I went through and set up the same file so that if it is played in Practice mode, certain objects won’t display. That’s easier and more efficient than creating two separate project files, right?
But it would be even better if I didn’t have to export and upload two different versions. On the Title page slide, the user could select Guided or self-paced, which would write to the variable, so that the tutorial would be run in the correct mode.
Easy peasy, one file that can be used for different modes.


Please see my answer in this topic: Display or hide all callouts based on variable values


Thank you for the answer!