How to add more than one true or false question on one Quiz slide using Active Presenter 7

How can I add more than one true or false question on one Quiz slide with one submit button using Active Presenter 7

Windows 10



ActivePresenter doesn’t support this case directly since it is difficult to manage content. You will need to create separated question slides, then copy their contents and paste into a slide. Can you please tell why do you want to do this?



You can use Two Content layout instead of Question layout to add 2 questions on each slide. Please follow below steps to do that:

  • Select New Slide drop-down button, then select Two Content layout.
  • Insert question into each content placeholder by clicking on appropriate tool button.
  • Insert a button and add a Submit action in On Click event. Remember to select All showing interactions for this action. It will submit all showing interactions in the current slide when user clicking on it.

If you want to add more question or custom slide layout, please take a look at this tutorial By customizing Slide Master you can define your custom layout then use it for inserting slide.

Hope this will help.


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