How to add a feedback when users don't answer fully correctly?

In a drag and drop activity or multiple anwers activities, users choose some correct answers and some incrorrect answers. I want it to give a feedback with “Not fully correct. Please try again!”, but there is not such option in Acitveprsenter. I’ve added a feedback layer but can’t find how to relate the result to it.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7

OS: Windows



Welcome to our user community.
There are some steps to do to achieve your desire. Here’re how:

  1. Change the question’s attempts to Infinite.
    For more information, see Set Score and Reporting for interactive questions

  2. Add variables and set conditions to the question’s events-actions and the Drop Target:

  • Create variables to count the correct options. (See How to Add Variables for details).
  • Add the On Accept and On Drag Out events to the drop targets with the Adjust Variable actions and corresponding conditions.
  • Customize the question On Incorrect event with suitable actions and conditions.
    Kindly check out the attached sample here: drag_n_drop sample.approj (300 KB)

Besides, if your project includes many complex questions, you may need to use the advanced action feature to simplify your manipulations. (See Work with Advanced Actions for details).
Please take a look at the attached sample for easy illustration: drag_n_drop_advanced_actions.approj (304 KB)

That’s all.
Hope that it helps.