How do you make something disappear after making it appear?


I created 5 title blocks and 5 text blocks.
The 5 blocks of titles are constantly visible.
The 5 text blocks are invisible by default.
I then associated actions to each of the 5 title blocks.

Here’s what happens when I click, for example, on title block n°1:

— the title block n°1 changes state and takes the activated form (green text)
— the title block n°2 changes state and takes the disabled form (blue text)
— title block n°3 changes state and takes the disabled form (blue text)
— the title block n°4 changes state and takes the disabled form (blue text)
— the title block n°5 changes state and takes the disabled form (blue text)
— the block of text n°1 appears
— text block n°2 disappears
— text block n°3 disappears
— text block n°4 disappears
— text block n°5 disappears

Then this logic is applied to each of the other title blocks to make the other text blocks appear or disappear.

My problem is that I don’t know how to make the text block N°1 disappear after having made it appear by clicking on the title block N°1. I think there must be a solution, but I don’t see which one.

Can you help me please?
Thank you.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.7

OS: MacOS 10.15.7



In this case you should add the Hide Object actions to one title block like this:


You can take a look at the attached sample for your reference: Hide_Object.approj (336 KB)


You did exactly the same as me.
I think I worded my problem incorrectly. Sorry.

So, in the example you give, once after clicking on title block 1, text bloxk 1 appears. On the other hand, if I click again on title block 1, text block 1 does not disappear. And that’s what I would like it to do: disappear after clicking a second time.

Have I been more clear?

I think you need to add a condition to the consequence of the click. But I don’t understand the exact way to specify the consequence of the click on the title block depending on the visibility or invisibility of the text block.


Please look at the attached sample to see if this is what you need: Hide_Object_fixed.approj (240 KB)


Yes, it works… but only once. I would like to be able to make text blocks appear and disappear indefinitely, and not just once.
In my module, it is used to display additional information. And we must necessarily be able to come back to it several times.

Hi Gilloo,

text N°i variable reflects the visibility of the text block N°i, so you must update these variables when showing/hiding the corresponding text blocks.

For example, On Click actions of Title 1 will look like the screenshot below



Please, could you send me the file ?
It will be more simple to look et understand what you have done.

Here you are: Hide_Object_v3.approj (272 KB)

I’m coming back because despite my efforts, I can’t manage to do what I want with the help of the file you sent me. I tried to figure out how to add the condition you managed to put in the file you sent me, and I can’t find the name of the element considered. In your example, it is the “text1” block. In my work file it is the block “• information 1” block.

If you look at the listbox that is offered to me, I cannot find the name of the block “• information 1”.

I am totally blocked.

If you allow me a remark, it would be really nice if, in the next version of Active Presenter, you offered the possibility of carrying out this type of functionality in a way as simple as what Wordpress allows to do.

Hi Gilloo,

text N°i is a user variable you need to add to denote the visibility state of the object Text N°i.
So it must be a TRUE/FALSE variable, TRUE means visible, FALSE means hidden.
You can add a user variable from Home tab > Variables (How to Use True/False Variables in ActivePresenter 8)
Text N°i object is initially hidden, so default value (set when addding) for text N°i is FALSE.
When using a Show/Hide Object action to change the visibility of the object, a corresponding Adjust Variable action is required to update the variable based on the new visibility state of the object.

Making this type of functionality simpler is already in our TODO list, we may consider it after releasing version 9.