How do I eliminate this first slide

Problem: After installing all the updates to ActivePresenter, there is now an additional slide at the very beginning. I want the presentation to open to my first created page. How do I get rid of this first slide that has nothing but a play button on it.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.3

OS: Windows 7


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Hi @LindaB,

Google Chrome 66 or later doesn’t allow playing media automatically without viewer’s interaction, so viewer need to click the play button to view the content. This issue can not be fixed in ActivePresenter. However, we will add a feature that allows showing a poster image instead of showing a grey screen in the next update.


Did this just recently change? I never got this screen until yesterday after I accepted the updated to ActivePresenter.


Yes, that has just changed recently. But it’s since the release of Google Chrome v66 on April 19.
It’s a behavior change in Google Chrome where they disable auto-play video by default, requiring user to click on the video to play.


Thank you. Good news is when I uploaded it to my LMS, that gray page was not there. Thanks for your great support.

Hi, I got the same problem…but I don‘t really understand the answer posted here. If it‘s a chrome problem, why are my old AP6 presentations still play the „normal“ way, without this splash screen before?

Hi @cole_umbo,

The version 6 doesn’t detect the ability to play media automatically of browsers, so it run. However, you can notice that audio and video in version 6 - presentation will not play since Chrome 66.


Thanks for your explanation phuongdv,
my presentations have no video parts, just quiz content - so I didn‘ realize any difference than the splash screen itself. All my presentations have a own „Welcome and press start btn to begin“ first slide, so many of my costumers are confused, having to click „play“ twice. Isn‘t it possible to bind this Chrome UserInteraction-Click to my own „Play“ Button instead? The splash screen only makes sense if there is video content in the very first slide, didn‘t it?

By the way, thanks for your awesome work and always reliable support. I hope you guys kick adobe’s ass :wink:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this in the current version. But it is a very nice suggestion, so we will try to add this feature in the next update.


Thank you,
I‘m looking forward for this update,
Thanks again for your support

For now, I use this as a workaround:

  1. After exporting html, open folder with htm-export. Add image that you want to use as a background.
  2. Open rlprez.css and insert rules for #UserActionReceiver (that’s the grey square) and #UserActionReceiver svg (the play-button). E.g., to display the custom background and hide the play-button:

background-image: url(“backgroundimage.jpg”);
background-size: 100% 100%;
#UserActionReceiver svg{

It would be nice though if this could be done through activePresenter itself. Is this possible with the project-javascript? What would the code be?

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Once I upload to my LMS, you no longer see the grey screen. Not sure if everyone uses an LMS, but just wanted to share. Thanks for the workaround though. I will give that a try.


Just to let you know that we have just released an update which addresses the issue.

You can find more information about autoplay policy of web browsers at: