How do I back up an ActivePresenter Project correctly?

To make backups, I typically copy the project_name.approj file and the project_name_files directory.

But I have several project_name.approj for which I cannot find a project_name_files directory. When I open them, they play normally, so the video and audio files must exist somewhere.

Is there a way to look up where the related files actually are, maybe I renamed them? Can they be inside the approj file? I want to be sure that the backup is complete.

I see the mp4 and mp3 files listed under Resources. And I see a context-menu item “export to file”. But that feels like the files are somewhere on my harddrive, and I am unnecessarily duplicating them.

Hi Kusterer,

To backup a project, you can open that project, select ActivePresenter menu > Save As
Or you can copy the project_name.approj file and the project_name_files directory (if any) as you did, but please make sure that the project is not opening when doing that.

Only big audio/video resources are stored in the project_name_files directory, small ones are stored inside the .approj file. So you’ll see that some projects don’t have the project_name_files directory. You can config a audio/video resource should be store inside or outside based on its file size in Preferences > Miscellaneous > Save external resource


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