How do I add a scroll bar to a slide?

One of the slides on my project involves a document with information that does not fit the slide. How to I add scrollbar to the slide without changing the size of all the slide?

Hi Mohammad,

This can be done with ease in the upcoming release of ActivePresenter version 8 around this month. However, you can still do this with a responsive project in version 7 by setting custom slide height for that slide.
To change the slide height, do the following:

  1. Click the Properties pane > Slide Properties > Layout Height > Custom Slide
    Height. This enables the Custom Slide Height function.
  2. Enter a value in the Custom Slide Height spin box. Or drag the Layout Height control
    up or down to decrease or increase the height respectively.

And you have to change Slide Height of all the layouts if you want to have a scrollbar in each layout.

For more information about responsive project, please see this tutorial:

Best Regards,