How can I recover a recording?

We’re new to ActivePresenter, and had a recording session running for over an hour. When we tried to end the recording, ActivePresenter wouldn’t respond to the Ctrl-End keystrokes. We ended up having to log the user off the computer system. We can see the .wav and .mfv files that were created, but Active Presenter won’t open them. Is there a way to recover that recording?

ActivePresenter Version: Free version 6.1.3

OS: Windows 7

Notes: Is failing to respond to Ctrl-End a common issue?


Please try creating a new project with a blank slide, then insert the .mkv and .wav files to see if it works. Otherwise, there is no way to recover the recording.

The hotkey (Ctrl+End) doesn’t respond is a known issue in the current version of ActivePresenter when working with some specific software. You can find the solution in this thread: It will be addressed this problem in the next release.

By the way, ActivePresenter is designed mainly for creating training tutorials which have duration smaller 30 minutes. If you want to record a long session, you should look around on the Internet for other screen recorders.


Thanks responding. I’ll try this in the morning.