Host Practice Simulation on Sharepoint, Square space, Pagecloud?

Hi All,

I am designing some Interactive Software Simulation ( or practice ) Simulations for my Client.

I want to know if It is possible to ‘host these simulations’ on different mediums? For example, at the moment it looks like I can save the ‘interactive simulation’ (*Practice Simulation) as html 5 and upload the Html5 export as a website, to a web host like Godaddy *correct me if I am wrong; I assume I can also upload them to an LMS *say Moodle for example;

My Question is;


  • Is it possible to host and launch the simulation via Microsoft Sharepoint? So I could store it on my Clients Sharepoint and employees could access the simulation via a link?

Thank you, hopefully my questions makes sense.


Hi Nicholas,

Basically, HTML5 can be uploaded to any HTTP server for sharing including the above list. However, the uploading options depend on your server side (do them allow uploading a folder which contains HTML/CSS/JavaScript and media). So, please contact them for the support.