Host an ActivePresenter Simulation using SharePoint online

I work in Occupational Change Management for corporate and government organisations; we are not allowed to host any content with typical web providers like Godaddy etc so this rules out opening my trusty Filezilla and uploading my simulation to a WebHost.

The reason for this is they are not considered secure enough, and we want to limit access to the training materials.

So we want to use SharePoint to link to various Active Presenter Software simulations.

How do I set up a SharePoint site to open a (simulation)?

(picture a list of training simulation on a SharePoint page)

For example:

New sales order

Return order

Delete customer


When I click, Delete customer, it will link to the Active Presenter tutorial.html file and load the Simulation in the web browser.

I imagine this would be a common problem as a lot of people do training material for both Corporate and Government organisation. They all seem to have universal policy when it comes to data storage

I am guessing I would need to export the Active Presenter simulation as HTML and then upload that folder to the SharePoint site.

Then link to the tutorial.html file in the relevant folder.

When I do this, it just Downloads the .html file to the computer rather than opening the Simulation.

Has anyone ran into this? If so, how did you get it to work?

Note: When using the SharePoint on-premise server, we could set Browser File Handling to Permissive for users to open HTML files directly in the browser. But in SharePoint Online, there are no options for this.

One suggestion I received was to rename the file to .aspx, which I did with the same result - it just downloads the .aspx file rather than opening the Simulation.

Any help would be amazing.

Thank you so much.


Hi Nicholas,

We’ve tried but unfortunately we can’t find a way to host HTML5 output on SharePoint Online.
It seems that SharePoint Online doesn’t support serving dynamic HTML pages.


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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: