Hint message after timeline has completed

Problem: I have created a timeline where one object moves with help of a path to another object. The other object then starts a Teeter animation. I would like to create a message that pops up with a hint to click the animating object as well as audio, once the animating starts. I, however, don’t seem to be able to make it happen, as either the message doesn’t show up at all or if I try to schedule the message then of course it would still show even though the timeline might have not been activated yet.

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: 11.2



You should set the hint message initially hidden in Properties pane > Size & Properties tab > Timing section (or right-click the hint message on Canvas, select Initially Hidden from the popup menu).
After that, you can add an entrance effect to your timeline to show the message.


Thank you so much! It did the trick and works perfectly!

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