Hiding slide in the timeline depending on play mode?

Hello all,
I have 2 navigation slides, explaining to the users how he can navigate inside the eLearning - one is specific to the TEST mode and one to the PRACTICE one. I go to the adequate slide from a start button using Javascript and the playmode, and the slides do not appear in the navigation menu, so that is fine.

But if the users drags back the timeline (I want to authorize backward or free navigation) he can end up on a navigation explanation slide which has nothing to do with the mode he is looking at.

Is there a way to hide (using JS or other) an entire slide based on the playmode so that it doesn’t appear in the timeline?


Hi Michael,

Please try the following method:

  • Select the slide that you want to hide.
  • Go to Properties > Interactivity > Events & Actions.
  • On the OnLoad event, add the Go Forward action (or something like that).
  • Add the condition for above action which looks like apPlayMode=Demo (select one value from ‘Demo’, ‘Tutorial’, ‘Practice’ or ‘Test’).


but if i do this the slide stills appears in the progress bar, no? and user can navigate to it by dragging the progress marker back (if navigation backwards enabled) which is my case.
I think I will work around the problem making a single slide but playing different audio/items per play mode.

I am afraid that you have to use two projects for two modes. We will support this feature in version 8.


Understood and no problems - thanks for taking the time to look into this.