Help?! Recording window stuck after uninstall

Hi, I’m new to this program and thanks for your help!

I tested some recordings with the microphone but wanted to record internal sounds, so I selected the other option from the sound input menu. The green square appeared so that I could set screen size, but no recording seemed to start. Active presented became unresponsive. I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling the program but I get an error message saying Active Presenter shut down after launching it.

The error is Activepresenter.apconfig couldn’t be removed

Thanks so much for your help- am panicking as needed to record something and have already messed up the program!


Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can check?
You can find the log of ActivePresenter by going to Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log button.
In case the log is too long and you can not upload the file, please save as file and send to us at email