Group Object JS

How can ı make objects group with using JS? Despite a lot of research, I did not come across such a title. By grouping some objects while the presentation is currently playing. I want to break existing groups as well.

Hi Salih,

We currently do not support this feature.
Could you kindly let me know your purpose of grouping/ ungrouping the objects in your specific circumstance?

Thank you and warm regards,
Quynh Anh

I’m doing a rotation gesture to my main grouped objects with a JS element. Some external objects are added to these rotating main objects later on. Because these later added objects could not be included in the group and I could not give a different anchor point. They always to go rotate to where they are. I can’t get them to keep their place in the main group object. Since the distances of the objects to be added later change from the center, I cannot apply the solution of grouping them with an invisible object and changing the anchor points. I need to add these objects to objects rotated with js.

Hi Salih,

I’m not sure why you can’t use this trick.
Just make this group the same size and position as the main group, and rotate this group later.