Graphics Symbol and Icon Library

Problem: Is there a Graphics and/or Icon Library readily available?
At this point, I’m trying ot find graphics symbols to be used for navigation buttons (back, forward, etc).

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: windows 10


Hi Joseph,

For your concern, we currently have no readily available Graphic Library.
However, we do have available icons, which you can find by clicking the Insert tab > Icons > select an icon.
Please take a look at this feature at page 131 and 132 from our user manual below for more information:

If you want to add tables or graphics, you can import files from PowerPoint to add and customize them.

Besides, if you want to create your personal object/ icon templates for specific purposes and reuse them later, please refer to the link below:

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Thank you for your prompt reply.
How can I insert/use and Icon for a button? For example, instead of using Next/previous etc text on the button, it would be preferable to use the standard arrow icons.
But for the buttons, only images are selectable, icons are not?

Hi again Joseph,

ActivePresenter currently doesn’t support adding icons to the button.

If you only use the button to work with action and event on click, for example, to move forward or backward, you can use the icon directly as the button to customize and add events for it as usual.
More details on how to work with buttons/ icons can be found via the tutorial below:

Let me know if this helps.

Quynh Anh