Google Sheet Survey Results Question

Hi Active Presenter Support,

I made a survey with a single Likert question and an essay response. I was able to get it to work using a cloned version of the sample Google Sheet pasted earlier in the thread. Unfortunately, this Google Sheet contains information I do not need and I wanted to cut it down to the bare essentials. The only fields I need to display are “Date,” “User ID,” Rating Scale (Likert) Learner Response," and “Text Box Learner Response.” the last two fields are found in the details field. Is it possible to create a Google Sheet only containing the fields I listed? I attached a copy of the Google Sheet for reference. If you need anything else, please let me know.

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Hi James,

Please check the link at the end of the tutorial: It is another sample that I display the data in the details field.

For your convenience, please check out this link



could i send the essay answer of student to google sheet ?


Yes, you can send the essay answer like with other questions. Please take a look at the tutorial and follow the steps.


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