Gif file couldn't run

To someone concerned,

I have two questions in this program attached:

  1. How could I let the car1 go to disk2, disk3, disk4… when I finish the slide 2-6 and click the go-back button, one by one?

  2. Why the disk-flash gif couldn’t run in this grogram?

how to upload the file?


Hi Wang,

We already received your project via email.
We are checking and will reply to you soon.


Hi Wang,

I’ve just answered your email, please check.


Dear Toan Le,

Thanks for your great help. I have fix all the problems by your instructions. The attached file is the final edition.

And now, I have another question, if the students choose the wrong answer anytime, how could I let the car go backward one step?

Best regards!


Hi Johnson,

I’ve answered your email.

P/S: You just need to submit your question either here or via email to get help.